Absolutely All Vans - Q & A's

Here are some frequently asked questions about selling your van, commercial vehicle, Land Rover, Range Rover, Pickup Truck, Truck, Luton Van, Small Bus, Plant Truck, 4x4, Ambulance or Motor home/Camper Van


Q. How we you pay me for my van

A. We will pay you the top book value of your van in cash, cheque or bank transfer, whichever suits you. We will always aim to beat any offers you have received, unlike other vehicle buying websites and one man bands we will do our best to generate a price you are happy with for your van.

Q. Will you notify DVLA of the change of vehicle keeper?

A. Within just a few minutes of collection, our main computer link will notify the DVLA of the change of ownership, this is so we give you peace of mind and a hassle free transactions.

Q. How long will it take for our van to be collected/picked up?

A.We guarantee a same day transaction and collection between 6am-10:30pm 7 days a week including bank holidays, rain, wind or snow.

Q.How can I trust my van will be disposed of accurately and legally.

A. Absolutely All Vans has over 3 decades of knowledge within the industry and fully understand the pitfalls of not doing business well, we have the best practices in place and offer a full guarantee that your vehicle/van will be destroyed to within the guidelines laid out by the DVLA and goverment. However vehicle destruction is not our primary goal, the vans we buy are for reselling purposes, unless the van is in poor condition and of which you will be notified upon collection of the intentions of purchase

Q. What if I have lost my V5/keys/alarm fob?

A. No problem, just show us some I.D and we will endeavor to move your van. If the van is abandoned you must make police enquiries before doing so.

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